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Celebrating 50 Years

The Mill Tavern in the village of Londonderry is a family landmark, dating back to the mid 1800's, a time when old mills and dams were the backbone of industry in this area. Like most other New England towns that used water to power machinery for their industries, The Mill and Old Dam once located on the east side of the property took its water from the West River. Grains from the local farmers were milled on this site until the turn of the century when the building fell into disuse and sat vacant for almost 50 years.

Today, the building and its contents of over 10,000 handmade tools are preserved to remember the past, an age of authenticity and quality craftsmanship. These tools, lying dormant now in this museum-like setting, possess many untold stories of the self-supporting farm and trades people of New England.

The Mill Tavern has been a popular "watering hole" for four decades. In winter, the blazing fire provides solace from the cold; visitors find a warm, open-door reception. The hearty bill of fare is renowned throughout southern Vermont. Our friends, year after year, return to the Mill to find the same comfortable atmosphere and recognizable faces providing the best of service.